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This industry’s on a roll.  All that momentum starts with public confidence in our ability to deliver.  TTMA exists to instill that confidence, starting with building the strength of trusting relationships between manufacturers of truck trailers, cargo tank,inter-modal containers and their suppliers.  Strength requires unity and TTMA is all about promoting a shared understanding of the problems confronting all manufacturers.  Input from TTMA members allows us to be the voice and brings the industry together. TTMA is geared for action through programs and activities that further the interests of all TTMA member companies and the truck trailer industry.  As the voice of the industry, TTMA regularly engages various governmental agencies in every appropriate way to serve both public and members’ interests.  We promote and defend your interests and rely on an active membership to guide all we do.  


To be a full TTMA manufacturer member, you must be engaged in the manufacture of truck trailers, cargo tanks, and inter-modal containers featuring at least one axle rated at 10,000 pounds capacity or more.

Associate membership is open to any firm supplying the truck trailer manufacturer with materials, components, or services. 


TTMA is an international trade association.  Our current membership produces more than 90% of the truck trailers built in the North America.  Our Associate Members include more than 100 global material and component suppliers who keep those lines moving. Our efforts engage policies and regulations that play a role in assuring the timely, smooth flow of material to keep production flowing or that affects the cost of production.


TTMA membership includes direct benefits to your company that can make a material difference in its performance:

• Be among the first to learn about changes in the Federal Register, regulations or notices.

• Put our lawyers on your legal team. Get authoritative, up-do-date advice from the TTMA legal team.

• Regular meetings allow you to interact with your peers in the industry.  About issues that affect us all.

• Get additional respect and exposure with a listing on the TTMA website searchable by company, product, or state to help you attract new customers or strengthen business relationships.

• Get easy access to TTMA contacts within the USDOT, such as NHTSA, FMCSA, PHMSA, as well as people in Transport Canada; other association affiliations include CVSA, CTEA, and TMC.

• TTMA members also receive access to the entire library of over 200 publications as well as updates as they become available.


Members gain access to the TTMA staff and all of the resources they have at their disposal. You can count on them to:

• Research and share the latest information concerning trailers.

• Maintain regular contact with federal, state, and foreign government agencies.

• Maintain regular contact with carrier, shipper, and supplier groups, university, industrial, and for-hire research organizations.

• Maintain current database of TTMA publications for easy access.

• Provide knowledgeable advice about what new and proposed regulations mean to you.

• Keep you updated about new and proposed industry standards, best practices and technical advances that affect the trailer, cargo tank, and inter-modal container industry.

• Research and develop solutions to industry problems,publishing responses to proposed regulations on behalf of our members and advocating workable alternatives.

If your company qualifies, you need to be part of the solution.

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