Frequently Asked Questions About the TTMA

What is the TTMA?

TTMA is the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association. We are a professional trade association representing heavy duty trailer builders (10,000+lb GAWR). TTMA associate members build components, supply materials and provide services to the industry. Approximately 90% of the trailers operating on US Highways are manufactured by TTMA member companies. 

The association as a whole attends to issues common to all truck trailers, such as lighting, brakes, etc.
Cargo tanks have unique needs, therefore we have a Tank Conference within TTMA to focus on those issues exclusive to cargo tanks.  

What does the TTMA do?

Below are some of the key functions of the TTMA:

  • Engineering Committee
    Technical experts from across the industry provide input and control to the association.
    Safety Committee
  • Safety Committee
    Dedicates to make the trailer manufacturing plant a safer environment, through cooperation with in the membership
    Monitor the Government
  • Monitor the Government
    Watch a variety of government agencies (PHMSA, FMCSA, EPA, etc.)  for new proposals, rules or regulations
  • Produce Publications to Advise Industry
    Technical Bulletins and Recommended Practices are regularly reviewed for relevance and accuracy and made available to the public

How long has the TTMA been in existence?

TTMA was officially formed with the filing of the Certificate of Incorporation in the Office of the Reorder of Deeds in the District of Columbia at 11:27AM on the Second day of January, 1943. 

How can you become a member of the TTMA?

To be a full TTMA manufacturer member you must be engaged in the manufacture of truck trailers, cargo tanks, and inter-modal containers featuring at least one axle rated at 10,000 pounds capacity or more.

Associate membership is open to any firm supplying the truck trailer manufacturer with materials, components, or services.

What is TTMA's membership structure?

Membership with TTMA is company based, we do not offer individual memberships.  Please contact us for a membership application if you are a new member or to set up a member login if you are employed by an existing member company.  TTMA memberships are annual and the membership year goes from January 1 - December 31.

Does the TTMA allow non-members to attend meetings and events?

No - all TTMA meetings and events are an exclusive benefit of membership and are closed to non-members.

Does the TTMA represent the truck trailer industry in Washington, DC?

The TTMA is based in Northern Virginia in order to be in close proximity to regulatory agencies, other industry groups and leaders, and in order to easily host TTMA members who wish to have a presence with their Congressional Representatives on Capitol Hill.

The TTMA does not have government relations staff members or a PAC. Instead, as the voice of the truck trailer industry, the TTMA takes a relationship based approach to advocacy and outreach, which includes regular participation in industry alliances and coalitions and frequent meetings with important government agencies.

The TTMA also hosts members in Washington, DC each year to learn about the political and regulatory landscape and to give member company representatives the opportunity to meet with their Senators and Congressional Representatives on Capitol Hill.

Lastly, the TTMA relies on the experts from both the consulting and law firms on permanent retainer who serve the TTMA and our members by providing regular updates, memos and reports on matters of importance to the truck trailer industry.

What is the main reason companies join the TTMA?

There are many benefits to membership with TTMA that can make a difference in your company's performance. TTMA members are among the first to learn about changes in the Federal Register, regulations or notices. TTMA members get authoritative, up-do-date advice from the TTMA legal and consulting team. TTMA members also receive access to the entire library of over 200 publications as well as updates as they become available. TTMA members gain access to the TTMA staff and all of the resources they have at their disposal.  Please click here for a full list of membership benefits. 

Does TTMA work with any other industry organizations?

Yes! The TTMA is proud to be affiliated with several organizations that focus on both long-standing and emerging issues of interest and/or concern to the industry and to TTMA members. Please click here for a full list of TTMA affiliations